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About Joes Footwear: 13 years of High-Standard Shoe Production

Joes Footwear is an industry-leading private label shoe and ethical footwear manufacturer based in China with more than 13 years of experience in high-standard shoe production.

We are a one-stop solution for both aspiring shoe start-ups and established fashion brands.

This is because we offer services ranging from shoe design to shoe manufacturing and shipping.

We are a private-label shoe manufacturer who also offers OEM & ODM services.

Trusted by companies such as El Corte Ingles and L'agence, Joes has worked with some of the largest fashion brands in Europe and North America.

We are dedicated to quality and ethical manufacturing and adhere to the highest professional standards, as we hold the GMC and MEGA certifications for our commitment to sustainability.

The Process: What we offer as a professional Shoe Factory

Joes Footwear offers a complete shoe manufacturing solution.

We offer a comprehensive range of services that would complement both start-ups and established companies

This is why we work with companies that have:

  • Only an idea and vision and want to bring it to life - we offer design, CAD services, and then manufacturing to shipping
  • Only sketches and CAD design - we offer help with material sourcing, production and then quality control up to shipping
  • Complete technical requirements - we offer high-end production, sampling, quality control and shipping

This is what the process looks like in reality and our complete one-stop offer:

The shoe designers and shoe engineers at Joesfootwear take pride in producing high-quality footwear that meets the needs of both niche fashion brands and shoe mass producers.

In order for you to know how we work and why some of the top fashion brands choose us, you have to understand our shoe manufacturing process which is critical to our success.

We believe that every step in the shoe manufacturing process is critical. This is why we do not sacrifice quality from the initial design to the material selection, and then to the development process.

Our shoe engineers pay attention to every detail, from selecting the right materials to pattern making, cutting, stitching, lasting, sole attachment, finishing, and quality control, to ensure that our shoes meet above-average industry standards.

01. Shoes Design & CAD

Bring your sandal idea to sketch and then to life

02. Material Sourcing

Get help with the construction and the new materials. We have a full collection of last library,including classic lasts since we work on lasts by season.

03. Sampling of Shoes

We will provide you with a development and sales samples of your sandals.


Confirmation sample,full size, cutting die test of the sandals.

05.Shoes Production

Producing top quality sandals: Cutting, stitching,lasting,packing.

06. Quality Control

Ensuring quality: Raw material,components, daily inspection,in-line inspection,final inspection.

07. Shipment

Ship the sandals to your country of operation: Book space loading,HBL.
If you'd like to know what that process looks like in reality, you can feel free to watch our video on how we work at Joes Footwear and how we would manufacture your shoes.

Products & Samples: What you can expect

Joes Footwear can design and manufacture a variety of women's private label fashion shoes:
  • High Heels
  • Sandals
  • Boots
  • Sneakers
  • Pumps

Here are the types of brands and businesses that Joes Footwear works with:

01. Designer Shoe Brands

Due to our low minimum order quantity (MOQ), designer barands choose Joes Footwear because they can experiment and try new designs and styles without making a big commitment.

That allows them to stay competitive by reacting to the changing market trends and meeting customer demand on time.

02. High-End Shoe Brands

The shoe engineers, factory, and quality control procedures at Joes Footwear ensure that every pair of shoes that goes into the consumer market meets the highest quality standards of craftsmanship and durability.

And since Joes works efficiently and in a timely manner, it is easy for high-end brands to meet their own customer delivery commitments.

03. Online Fashion Shoe Brands

Because of Joes Footwear's one-stop solution, online fashion brands can design, source, manufacture, and deliver their shoes on time.

Joes is preferred by online brands because we also offer flexible shipping options to the country of operations.

We enable online shops to measure up to their competitors with superior material quality and shoe design and dominate their industries.

Here is a quote from one of our clients, Rob McEwan from K&J Footwear, alongside the shoe we were able to design and manufacture for them:

"Joe's international footwear is veryprofessional and communication isamazing. I highly recommend themand they will definitely be mylifetime partners. lf you needfootwear services definitely cometo joes international footwear tocreate your dream shoe. "

Xersole CEO- Lamar Housley


Are you interested in seeing more product samples and work that we've done for our clients in the past?

You can reach out to us, let us know what you are interested in, and then we will provide you with a close sample of what you are looking for.

The Factory of Joes Footwear where the magic happens

Joes' facilities and experienced shoe engineers can work with the highest of customer demands, ensuring that only the highest quality of materials are sourced and then closely monitor the production process in our factory.

We are using only the latest technology in shoe design and shoe manufacturing in order to ensure that our skilled craftsmen have what it takes to deliver top-quality products on time.

Inside our factory, this is what we are doing in order to manufacture quality shoes:
In order to meet the growing customer demand, our shoe engineers work on:


Upper Edge Skive

Upper Hotfix


Heel Attachment

Heat Machine

Why you should choose a Chinese Shoe Factory

More and more shoe fashion brands in the world are starting to search for manufacturers in China, where they have the ability to mass produce shoes while maintaining high quality.

And some of the biggest companies in the world like Nike and Adidas are choosing China for manufacturing.

This is because they can produce quality shoes that meet their ever-growing customer demands while staying competitive in pricing and in shoe durability.

In other words, if you are looking for quality, good pricing structures, and a trustworthy partner that will deliver on time, then you might be looking for a Chinese shoe manufacturer like Joes Footwear.

What makes Joes Footwear different?

Even if you have decided to build your next shoe in China, then why should you choose Joes Footwear out of all of the available options?
Apart from our vast experience with Western brands for more than a decade, here's what separates us from the other Chinese shoe manufacturers:

01. Premium Offering

We do not manufacture just any shoes.
We design, source the materials, and build high-quality shoes that can be distributed on the Western market, with some of our clients being high-end fashion producers themselves.
Joes Footwear has high operational and quality assurance standards that can produce, at-scale, shoes that will catch the eye of the consumers.

02. Low Minimum Order Quantity

We understand the need to be flexible on the market and to be able to react to the ever-changing market trends. This is why we have, relative to other shoe manufacturers, a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) so you can have testing grounds and see what works best for you.

03. From Design to Shipping: One-Stop Solution

Joes Footwear does not specialize only in the design or the production of shoes.
We offer a one-stop solution that goes from the design of your shoe concept to the manufacturing of it and then up to the shipping to your country of operation.

04. Compliance & Sustainability

We at Joes Footwear are dedicated to ethical manufacturing. This is why we hold the GMC and MEGA certifications in order to showcase our commitment to sustainability.
We are eco-friendly in the way we source our materials and the way we manufacture the shoes, abiding by the latest best practices.
We are also accredited by BSCI, Sedex, SGS, and the Global Recycled Standard.
This is why companies who are environment-conscious are happy to work with Joes.

05. Large facility that can take up a lot of work

Our facility in Dongguan City can take up small needs as well as large manufacturing client needs for production.
We may work with start-ups, but we are not a start-up ourselves.
Joes Footwear is able to work with multiple clients at once and take up the required demand for shoe manufacturing.
And these are the 5 things that make us stand out to the other Chinese manufacturers.

Get in touch with Joes Footwear and kick off your next Sandals fashion line

Get your sandal concept to market in a matter of weeks by contacting Joes Footwear with your sandal design or vision.

You can contact us today to request a free quote as well as some images of what we have produced so far that are as close as possible to what you want to build.

You can also read more about our specific services on the different product categories, depending on what type of shoes you are looking to design and distribute.

Alternatively, you can contact us at:

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: 13509833035