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Product Development & Prototyping

How do I submit an idea or design to start the process?

You can submit your idea or designs, tech packs, sketches or image references to us at email [email protected]. We accept any kinds of format and sheet.

Do you have CAD ability?

Yes, we can do CAD to make the sample with different color, material, components… to save on sampling cost and improve sampling efficiency.

What is prototyping and sample making?

This step is crucial to developing a new shoe collection before making a production order. Our Startup Package helps you bring your ideas to life and visualize the product before going into quantity production. Samples can also be used to show retail buyers, exhibit them at trade shows or on your website & social media for pre-order. This step also helps you understand the demand for your products to make a confident order.

What is included in the Startup Package?

The first step to getting started is the prototyping stage which is part of our Startup Package. This stage will consist of: 1. Technical consultation 2. 2D Pattern making & size grading 3. Shoe last development 4. Material and components sourcing 5. Metal stamping dies for your brand label 6. Trial Shoe prototype 7. Pair of Final Sample as per your requirements.

What is a tech pack?

Footwear tech packs are illustrated designs and specifications of a shoe design. Accurate tech packs are required to obtain an accurate quote from a manufacturer, and to ensure that they understand how to make your design.


What does production entail?

The Production process is more than just the assembly of shoes. It includes several steps such as material and accessories procurement, manufacturing of all the components and tools, shoe last making in all sizes, cutting dies, hardware, outsole molds and heel development among several other steps that help setup the production line for your collection. It also includes briefing the craftsmen working on your collection, lab testing, wear testing, quality control inspections, labeling, packaging, equipment checks and production scheduling before the products are prepared for shipment.

What is your Minimum order quantity?

There is no minimum order quantity with us. We can produce 1 or several pairs of shoes depending on the clients’ requirements. However, price per pair will be determined on several factors such as shoe design, the shoe last utilized, the materials, custom components, time for production etc.

Can I see my shoes in production? Can you send me pictures?

Yes, welcome to visit our factory. Visits during your production run will need to be coordinated in advance. Or clients can review your products and production by social media live streaming or video call.

Customized Shoes

What are customized shoes?

Customized Shoes are shoes made especially for human engineering and design preferences to create private label styles. We can offer any constructions, upper styling, materials, colors, function safety, package clients’ request.

Do you ship internationally and provide drop shipping?

Yes, we ship all products worldwide. Please contact us to get a shipping quote. Kindly email us to discuss details for a drop shipping model.

Can you take photos/videos of my products?

Yes, during the Product Development & Manufacturing stage we can take pictures of the process. If you have any special requirements, kindly inform our team so we can prepare a professional photography shoot during the making process.

Leather & Materials

Is your leather sustainable?

Each product has pristine quality leather and suede, sourced from the best ethical tanneries in China and around the world. When selecting a tannery, we ensure that each leather supplier has been audited against LWG standards also known as the Leather Working Group Environmental Auditing Protocol. The group seeks to improve the leather manufacturing industry by creating alignment on environmental priorities, bringing visibility to best practices and providing suggested guidelines for continual improvement. We also use vegan leather & vegetable tanned leather which is a natural tanning process and chrome-free leather in our production of footwear and leather goods.

Do you offer Vegan Leather?

Yes, we do offer Vegan leather, also known as microfiber or synthetic leather which is made of non-animal materials designed to mimic the look and mechanical qualities of leather. The most commonly used materials for synthetic leathers that we carry are polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane (PU). 

Do you have exotic leather?

Exotic Skins such as crocodile, python, snake, lizard, Ostrich, Elk leather are also available upon request.