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High-End Shoe Manufacturer - Joes Footwear

Joes Footwear is a Chinese manufacturer that has been manufacturing shoes at small and large scale for some of the
leading designer brands in Western Europe and North America.

We offer private-labeling and white-labeling solutions as well as OEM & ODM services. As a brand that has been in business
since 2009, Joes has established itself as a reliable manufacturer that produces high-quality shoes.

White-Labeling Services: Rebecca Claire's Shoe Collection

Don't have a shoe design in mind? Consider white-labeling. You can put your logo on some of our existing shoe collections from our in-house fashion brand, Rebecca Claire.




High Heels


Private-Labeling Services: Bring Your Shoe Design to Life

Have existing sketches or CAD 3D designs? We can bring your design idea to life.

At Joes Footwear, we offer private-labeling services that can transform your designer shoe concept into a finished product in a matter of weeks.

Our team of shoe experts can help you transform your vision into a reality: from sourcing materials to quality control and manufacturing, to the final shipment.

And if you are struggling with sketching and 3D CAD design as well, we can assist you with that. We have shoe designers available in-house who would be more than happy to assist you with bringing an idea to a 3D model and then into a product sample.

Collaborate closely with our shoe designers and engineers to craft a high-end, one-of-a-kind, designer shoe that will be competitive in the consumer market.

In private-labeling, we
specialize in the following
shoe manufacturing:

  • High Heels
  • Pumps
  • Sandals
  • Boots
  • Sneakers

However, that wouldn't stop us from designing and manufacturing other shoes. Historically, we have worked on children's footwear as well as rollers.

Joes Footwear specializes in the designing, building, and distributing of top-notch footwear, as some of the leading Western brands have chosen to work with us, such as Kendall + Kyle and Jessica Rich.

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The Shoe Manufacturing
Process: One-Stop
Manufacturing Solution

The reason why both small and large brands prefer to work with Joes Footwear is because we offer a one-stop manufacturing solution.

We help brands take off their shoe business from the design phase up to the production and final shipment of the shoes.

That means we have the capabilities to support your fashion brand at every stage.

Here are the steps of Joes' shoe designing & building processes, from A-Z:


White labeling or Private labeling

You can either choose from our wide selection of existing shoe designs or build one-of-a-kind shoe with Joes


Shoe design & CAD 3D Modeling

Bringing your sketches or concept to a 3D model


Material sourcing

Materials that we have in-house and help with outsourcing materials


Sample building

Both development and sales samples


Shoe manufacturing

Cutting, stitching, lasting, and packing


Quality control & assurance

Daily inspections and quality assurance of materials


Final shipment to the country of operation

We can even help you with HBL and booking space

Joes Footwear also offers comprehensive post-production support. We can support you throughout your journey with marketing & distribution guidance as well as via our returns & exchanges policy.

In-House Material Selection & Designer Packaging

Joes Footwear takes great pride in how we select materials, as we have a library of lasts and other materials that we use to build quality shoes in short periods of time.

We stay ahead of the competition by importing top-quality materials from our suppliers from Italy and France. Our clients have access to the latest trends, and materials and are able to build designer shoes that can satisfy even the most pretentious of customers.

Joes understands that in the fashion industry, the packaging is a crucial part of the purchasing experience as well as a driver of word of mouth.

This is why we also provide packaging services as we have in-house packaging designers who can help you build a product package that catches the eye of the bypasser.

Why Fashion Brands Choose Joes Footwear

Low Minimum Order Quantity

Joes Footwear offers low minimum order quantity (MOQ) so brands can stay competitive and agile in their markets. You can test out different shoe designs and see which ones stick with your customers.

English-Savvy Customer Service

We are used to working with European & American companies, and our representatives understand English just as well as they understand the footwear industry.

Quality-Focused Manufacturers

Joes Footwear is more than just a regular shoe manufacturer and exporter of shoes. From our meticulous material sourcing to our facility equipped with the latest technology, our shoe engineers build durable and high-quality shoes that would meet the highest consumer standards of any market.

Post-Manufacturing Support

We want you to succeed. This is why we offer ongoing post-manufacturing support with marketing, distribution, and other professional advice so we can ensure that you are winning in the market. We also offer a comprehensive returns & exchanges policy.

Ethical Shoe Manufacturing

Joes Footwear is an ethical and eco-friendly shoe manufacturer that is committed to sustainability. We hold certifications from reputable organizations such as GMC and MEGA, which further prove our dedication to corporate social responsibility.

Punctuality and Efficient Delivery

One of the reasons why we are a reputable manufacturer is because Joes Footwear can work on strict deadlines and in a timely manner. When it comes to shoe delivery, we can assist you with space bookings, loading, and house bill of lading (HBL) documentation.

High-End Private-Label & White Label Shoe Manufacturing

We have established ourselves as the go-to Chinese shoe manufacturer for private and white-label shoe manufacturing due to our one-stop solution, encompassing OEM and ODM services. We ensure that your customers receive the highest quality shoes on the market, built with the highest quality materials.

Thorough Quality Control

Joes Footwear ensures shoe quality by having daily quality inspections, in-line inspections, and final inspection procedures set in our facility. We also inspect all of the components and raw materials with which we work on your shoes.

The Joes Footwear Factory & Manufacturing Process

The production of highv-quality shoes requires a modern facility and skilled craftsmen.

The shoe engineers in our facility in Dongguan City pride themselves in creating footwear that meets the ever-changing consumer demand.

Here is what our production process looks like:

We first check and improve sample size fitting for production and fitting grading.
After that, we purchase the materials in bulk after the material article is approved and passes necessary physical & chemical tests.
Later comes the production tech trial test for sizes 6, 8, and 9.
Followed by cutting & stitching upper.
Finally, assembling the whole shoe.
And lastly, packing the shoes as per the brand’s requirements.

What Type of Brands Choose to Work With Joes Footwear

As a reliable shoe manufacturer that focuses on quality, Joes has attracted some of the leading European and American companies to collaborate with us.

Designer Brands

The brands that care about flexibility and low MOQs in order to try out different shoe designs to meet their ever-changing customer preferences

High-End Brands

The brands that place material quality and durability first, so they can be able to sell their shoes for hundreds of dollars in their markets

Online Fashion Brands

E-commerce brands looking for a complete solution and a shoe manufacturer whom they can trust to work on a timely manner

About Joes Footwear: High-End Shoe Manufacturer Since 2009

Joes Footwear is a reputable shoe manufacturer that has been crafting high-quality shoes for over 14 years on the international market.

Our mission is to deliver top-quality shoes that delight your customers and this is why we provide a one-stop manufacturing and shoe design solution so we can ensure that you win in your market.

We strive to design innovative shoes and we put quality first, which is why brands believe that Joes Footwear is the go-to manufacturer for both large and small-scale shoe production.

Make sure to read more about our different services, how we work, and how we can help you accomplish your goals. As we offer both private and white labeling, we strive to remain flexible when it comes to customer demands.

You can contact us by either filling out this form or reach us directly via:

Phone Number: 13509833035

Email: [email protected]