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Why you should choose Joes Footwear's Factory for Sandals Manufacturing

With more than 13 years of large-scale sandal manufacturing experience, Joes Footwear has positioned itself as an industry-leading private label manufacturer.

Based in China, Joes Footwear boasts the production of high-standard shoe production for some of the largest fashion brands in Europe and North America.

Joes Footwear is a leading sandals factory and offers both private label and white label sandal services.

We pride ourselves in our ability to work with both start-ups and large fashion brands.

With Joes speed of work, low lead times, and flexibility, you could get your sandal shoe design manufactured and consumer-ready within weeks.

We are dedicated to both quality and ethical manufacturing, as we hold GMC and MEGA certifications (to name a few) for our commitment to sustainability.

We hold very high professional standards of work, which is why fashion brands such as Kendall + Kyle and Jessica Rich have chosen to work with us as their sandal manufacturers.

What kind of brands do we work with?

Joes Footwear, as a sandals factory and manufacturer, has the capabilities to work with both start-ups and established fashion brands. Regardless of the stage of your sandal design or manufacturing needs, we have the capabilities and the engineers to work with:

Brands that only have an idea and vision that they want to make a reality

For start-up brands, as a complete sandal manufacturing solution, we offer:

Sandal design and sketching of the initial vision

CAD design to bring it to life

Manufacturing, quality control and shipping

Brands that only have sketches and CAD design

For brands that already have sketches and CAD design in mind and need help with the rest, we offer:

Material sourcing based on how you envision your sandal

Sandal production at small or large scale

Quality control and shipment

Brands that have complete technical requirements

And for the brands that have the complete technical requirements up to the materials, we would be happy to provide:

High-end production for your sandals

Sampling and quality control

Shipping to your country of operation

Joes Footwear has the capabilities and sandals experts to help you at whichever stage you are right now in your sandal development journey.

And then, when it comes to the clients that we work with, we are trusted by some of the leading shoe retailers to manufacture their sandals. Here are the kinds of companies that we work with:

Designer Sandal Brands

Joes Footwear offers a relatively low minimum order quantity (MOQ), which is why designer brands want to work with us.

We allow them to stay flexible to changing consumer trends, and be able to be reactive on the market and with their customers.

Designer brands can experiment with different sandals and try new designs and styles without having to make big quantity commitments.


High-End Sandal Brands

The skilled shoe engineers in our factory ensure that every pair of shoes that gets out of our assembly lines meets the highest quality standards.

Joes Footwear is renowned for having strict quality control procedures that allow our craftsmen to build top-notch sandals that are durable and ready to face the consumer market.

Another reason why high-end sandal brands choose Joes is because they can meet their own customer delivery commitments.

This is because here at Joes our factory is very time-efficient and delivers in a timely manner.


Online Fashion Sandal Brands

And because Joes is a trusted one-stop solution, online fashion brands can design the sandals, source the materials, and get them manufactured on time.

We offer flexible shipping options and deliver the shoes on time to the country of operations.

Joes enables online fashion brands to compete on the international market by providing them with our consulting and sandal-building capabilities in order to wow their customers.

We understand that the last is the soul of the sandals, which determines the fit and the shape of the sandals.

This is why we take great care in the development and selection of sandal shoe lasts.

We have a vast collection of lasts in our library, including classic lasts and lasts that would cater to the seasonal demand.

Here is a quote from one of our clients from the US, Nancy, alongside the sandal that we were able to help design and manufacture for their brand:
"I wanted to express my complete satisfaction withJoe's Footwearlhad them manufacture 3 pairsof bespoke shoes in a custom size. The finalproducts were absolutely perfect! The responsefrom Amy Yan was also spot on.This companyand their employees are 5 star!I will not lookanywhere else ifIrequire these services again"

Karl LP

United States

If you are interested in seeing more sandal product samples and work that we've done for our clients in the past, you can reach out to us!

Let us know what kind of sandal you are interested in, and then we will provide you with a sample as close to what you are interested in.

Sandals Production Services: From Design to Final Shipment

At Joes Footwear, we offer fast and efficient sandal production.

As a private-label sandal manufacturer, we also offer OEM & ODM services.

With our streamlined processes, we pride ourselves in our ability to take a design to a finished product within 7 days.

We understand how important it is for fashion brands to respond quickly to market trends and their desire to satisfy their consumers, which is why we get things done on time, and with quality.

In the previous sections, we mentioned that Joes Footwear is a one-stop solution for all of your sandal design and manufacturing needs.

Here is what our process looks like in reality, from the initial sketches to the shipment of your dream sandal:

01. Shoes Design & CAD

Bring your sandal idea to sketch and then to life

02. Material Sourcing

Get help with the construction and the new materials. We have a full collection of last library,including classic lasts since we work on lasts by season.

03. Sampling of Shoes

We will provide you with a development and sales samples of your sandals.


Confirmation sample,full size, cutting die test of the sandals.

05.Shoes Production

Producing top quality sandals: Cutting, stitching,lasting,packing.

06. Quality Control

Ensuring quality: Raw material,components, daily inspection,in-line inspection,final inspection.

07. Shipment

Ship the sandals to your country of operation: Book space loading,HBL.

This is how we craft your dream sandals and turn them from a concept to reality.

If you'd like to see what the process of shoe manufacturing looks like at the Joes Footwear factory, you should check out our video where we explain the process in depth.

What makes Joes Footwear's Sandals Factory different from the others

It's true that Joes Footwear's sandals factory has plenty of competitors in China and across Asia.
But we believe that our manufacturing capabilities and value for money are second to none.
This is the reason why so many Western brands from Europe and North America have chosen to collaborate with Joes Footwear for their complicated sandal manufacturing projects.

High-end sandal manufacturing

For craftsmen like us, it's not only about building any sandal. It's about building sandals that will catch the eyes of the consumers.

We design, source the materials for, and build high-quality sandals that are going to differentiate you from your competitors and grab the hearts of your customers.

Joes operates under very strict operational schedules and works under very high-quality assurance standards in order to ensure that the materials are ethically sourced and properly crafted.

From a sketch to a complete
product in a week

Joes Footwear is a one-stop solution for all sandal needs.

Whether you have a sketch or complete technical requirements, our sandal engineers can make your dream a reality in a matter of a week.

Foreigner and English-Friendly Manufacturing

Even though we are based in China, we have more than a decade of experience working with high-end Western brands.

We communicate and reply in a timely and proper manner, and our spokespeople boast excellent English capabilities.

A sandal factory that is enough to take up a lot of work

Our sandal facility is situated in Dongguang City and we can work with both start-ups and in the same time accommodate the needs of large retailers.

We have a low minimum order quantity (MOQ), which has allowed start-ups to remain competitive while also having the ability to mass produce for larger brands.

Joes believes that these 4 capabilities are the reason why we are a trusted partner for building your sandals, so do not hesitate and reach out to us with your sandal vision.

Looking for White Label Sandals? Explore Rebecca Claire

If you are looking for white label sandals, in other words, you want to put your brand on an existing shoe design, you can explore our Rebecca Claire sandal collection:

Cream White Canvas Sandal

White Kid Leather Sandal

Sky Blue Cow Leather Sandal

Black Crepe Sandal

Rebecca Claire is a Joes-owned design brand that offers a wide range of premium sandals that are available for you to put your brand on them.
You can choose from our dozens of existing shoe designs and see on which ones you'd like to put your brand on and start manufacturing them at scale. The focus of Rebecca Claire's sandal collection is on style and quality, crafted with the finest materials and attention to detail by our sandal engineers. We also offer extra customization, such as different colors, materials, and the sandal construction itself.

Cendre Blue Patent Leather Wedge Sandal

  • Wedge height: 4.72" 120mm
  • Leather upper
  • Synthetic raffia covered wedge

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