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Private Label Shoe Manufacturer | Joes Footwear

Joes Footwear is a reputable private label shoe manufacturer that offers high-end footwear manufacturing at scale.

Joes offers OEM & ODM services with low MOQ and prides itself in its ethical approach to shoe manufacturing.

Having worked with some of the leading shoe designer brands in the high-end vertical, Joes Footwear has the capabilities to meet the latest shoe fashion standards and ever-growing consumer demand.

End-to-End Private-Labeling Services: Shoes Joes Footwear Offers

Joes Footwear offers end-to-end private label shoe manufacturing services, bringing your shoe design to life in a matter of weeks. Explore our range of shoes that we offer for private labeling:

High Heels

Shoe Manufacturing Process: One-Stop Shoe Solution For Private-Labeling

All of our products are designed in our modern facility in Dongguan using the highest-quality materials and with durability in mind.
Joes Footwear offers a comprehensive one-stop manufacturing solution that goes from the shoe sketches up until the shipping of the final product.
Joes Footwear can help your shoe brand with:


Shoe design & CAD 3D modeling

Bringing life to your shoe ideas.


Material sourcing

Using our own internal storage, combined with local market know-how, we could offer both savers and high-end.


Initial shoe sample

providing you with a development and sales sample.


Large-scale shoe manufacturing

Be it small or large scale, our low MOQs will allow you to remain flexible.


Quality control assurance

Ensuring raw material and components quality across the production.


Final shipment

Assisting you with booking space, loading and HBL

What Makes Joes Footwear Different Than The Other White Label Manufacturers

Low MOQs

As we understand that fashion brands need to remain competitive and agile, Joes Footwear offers low minimum order quanities so you can test different shoe designs and find which one sticks with your audience.

Experienced Shoe Experts Since 2009

Working in a state-of-the-art shoe facility are our shoe experts, equipped with the tools to satisfy both the design and engineering needs of any client. Our client success teams are fluent in English and can assist you from start to finish.

Quality-First Shoe Manufacturers

Joes Footwear prides itself as being a high-end shoe manufacturer that chooses quality over quantity. We have the capabilities to work on complicated projects and source the highest quality materials to meet the demand of our clients and their customers.

White-Labeling Options

If you do not have a shoe design in mind, you can explore Rebecca Claire's shoes. RC is our in-house fashion brand where you can choose from our existing shoe design collection that you can then put your logo on and manufacture at scale.

Post-Service Support

We want to ensure that you win in your market. This is why we offer marketing and sales support, coupled with packaging and material selection. Our shoe distribution experts can assist you with your business plan and your go-to-market strategy.

Working & Delivering on Time

Joes Footwear can work under rigorous deadlines while meeting quality standards. As we provide a complete solution, we can then assist you with booking space, loading and house of lading (HBL) documentation.

Custom Private-Label Shoe Manufacturing

Joes Footwear offers a one-stop manufacturing solution that includes OEM & ODM services to make sure that your consumers receive the highest quality shoes on the market. Our shoe experts, designers and modern facility have the capabilities to design, build and manufacture shoes from start to finish.

Rigorous Quality Control

As our clients want to build a strong reputation in our markets, we take quality control seriously. We ensure that our shoes are durable by having daily inspections, in-line and final inspection procedures in our line of work. We make sure to inspect all the raw materials and components that go into your shoes.

“ I have worked with Joes International for over 12 years, they are very professional and take great pride in getting their customers timely answers, great quality, on time delivery and good prices. Joes International is committed to great customer service which is refreshing In today’s world. I would recommend them highly. ”
Nancy/US Buyer

Why Shoe Designer Brands Choose Joes Footwear

The reason why small businesses and shoe designer brands choose Joes Footwear is because of our low MOQ policy and cost efficiency.

Our economies of scale allow our clients to remain flexible with their ever-changing consumer preferences that are prevalent in the footwear industry.

Joes Footwear's shoe engineers have access to the latest shoe manufacturing technology that enables them to produce quality shoes at scale.

Moreover, Joes' daily inspections ensure quality all around in our shoe building process to ensure that every shoe that gets out of our assembly lines is ready for market.

A Sneak Peek Into Joes Footwear's Factory & Manufacturing Process

Working with designer shoe brands is no light work. This is why we have provided our skilled shoe engineers with our modern facility.

Our shoe craftsmen pride themselves in creating footwear that is both durable and quality, by having a strict production process.

Here's what the production process looks like in our facility in Dongguan City:

01. We begin by checking and improving the sample size to make sure that it's fit for production and fitting grading.

02. We then purchase the materials in bulk after the material article has been approved and passes necessary physical & chemical tests set by our engineers.

03. After that is the production tech trial test for sizes 6, 8, and 9 on the shoes.

04. All of that, followed by cutting & stitching upper.

05. Finally, assembling the whole shoe and making sure that is durable and quality.

06. And lastly, packing the shoes as per the brand’s requirements, and sending it for shipment.

How We Ensure That Your Brand Succeeds

Material selection

We enable our clinxetele to stay ahead of the competition by providing them with the highest level materials, shipped from Italy and France.


Packaging design is a must if you want to delight customers and bring repeat business. This is why we provide a packaging service based on your specifications, coupled with our in-house packaging designers.

After-Sales Services

Joes Footwear makes sure that you win in your market by providing you with marketing and sales support, alongside ongoing product & material recommendations.

What Brands Do We Work With

Joes Footwear has positioned itself as the go-to private label shoe manufacturer since we focus on quality, not quantity.

As a result, we have attracted some of the leading European and American companies to work with us, such as:

Designer Shoe Brands - companies who need flexibility and benefit from our low MOQs in order to try out different shoe designs for their target audience

High-End Shoe Brands - as we put durability and quality first, we have attracted companies that want to compete with the best in the industry

Online Fashion Shoe Brands - e-commerce stores who are interested in our one-stop shoe manufacturing solution so they can depend on us to deliver high-quality shoes on time

About Joes Footwear: The Go-To Private Label Manufacturer

Joes Footwear is a China-based private label shoe manufacturer with more than 14 years of delivering high-quality shoes to market.

We differentiate ourselves by combining operational efficiency with flexibility, which is why we are able to offer low MOQs and professional shoe production at any scale.

As Joes provides a one-stop manufacturing solution, coupled with post-production support, we help aspiring shoe brands to position themselves as industry leaders.

Make sure to read more about our specific services on the different product category pages, depending on what type of shoes you are looking to private-label.

You can learn more about us as a company and more about our history.

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