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Wholesale Shoes in Bulk from Joes Footwear

In the competitive retail landscape, sourcing products at favorable prices is essential for business...

In the competitive retail landscape, sourcing products at favorable prices is essential for businesses to maintain an edge. Joes Footwear, a reputable manufacturer and wholesaler of high-quality footwear, presents an attractive opportunity for retailers looking to purchase shoes in bulk. By offering a diverse collection of styles and sizes, Joes Footwear caters to a variety of consumer preferences, allowing retailers to stock up on fashionable options that appeal to their customer base. 

Buying shoes in bulk allows retailers not only to save on costs but also to streamline their inventory management. Joes Footwear simplifies this process by providing discounts on large orders, which helps retailers increase their profit margins. Without the need for extensive storage facilities and wholesale prices, businesses can pass on the savings to consumers while expanding their product offerings. The convenience of sourcing from Joes Footwear, coupled with the cost savings, makes it a strategic choice for retailers aiming to optimize their supply chain and offer competitive pricing.


Understanding Wholesale Shoe Buying

shoes in a  store


In the realm of retail, buying shoes wholesale from sources like Joes Footwear allows businesses to capitalize on competitive pricing and inventory diversity. This approach is conducive to retail success and customer satisfaction.


Benefits of Buying in Bulk

     ●Cost Efficiency: Retailers experience significant savings when purchasing shoes in larger quantities, attributed to reduced per-unit costs.    
     ●Inventory Management: Bulk buying leads to a well-stocked inventory, making it possible to rapidly meet consumer demands.


Types of Wholesale Shoes

     ●Designer Sneakers: High-end, brand-name sneakers that cater to style-conscious consumers.    
     ●Functional Footwear: Including work boots and athletic shoes, focused on practicality and comfort.    
     ●Heels: Elegantly designed for women.


Market Trends

     ●Seasonal Demand: The need for specific types of footwear can fluctuate with the seasons, impacting wholesale purchasing decisions.    
     ●Fashion Influences: Trends can shift quickly, and retailers must adapt their wholesale buying to include the latest popular styles.


About Joes Footwear

shoes on the shelves


Joes Footwear stands as a trusted provider in the wholesale shoe market, committed to offering quality products and reliable service for bulk buyers.


Company History

Joes Footwear began operations with the mission to serve retailers with a diverse array of footwear options. Through consistent dedication, they have cemented their position in the market as dependable wholesalers, equipped to meet the dynamic demands of the fashion industry.


Product Quality

We treat quality as the first position. Professional and rich experienced technician and QC do will follow up and pay close attention for each step from prototype to shipping. Our technician m will check last, paper pattern, fitting sample, confirmation sample, full size. Our qualified QC team stay in production full time to control cutting die test, bulk material, pre-production test, daily inspection, inline inspection and final inspection. We can also have video call or online inspection if customer need.


Brand Reputation

The brand's reputation has been built upon positive customer feedback and repeat business. Joes Footwear is known for its expertise in the industry and ability to cater to the nuanced needs of retailers, thus becoming synonymous with excellence and reliability.


How to Purchase from Joes Footwear

workers in shoes factory


Discover how Joes Footwear can help turn your shoe line dreams into a reality with our complete range of shoe manufacturing services, from design and sourcing to production and shipping.  

We meticulously design and craft high-quality women's shoes to bring endless possibilities to your brand.  

Our collaboration process begins with sourcing new materials and progresses through impeccable design and sketching to create captivating products.


Subsequently, we engage in sampling, including development samples and sales samples, ensuring the quality and style meet your expectations. In the pre-production phase, we conduct confirmation samples, full-size tests, and cutting die tests to ensure a smooth production process. The production stage encompasses cutting, stitching, lasting, and packaging, where we rigorously control the quality of raw materials and components, conducting daily, in-line, and final inspections to ensure every pair of shoes meets the highest standards. Lastly, we handle shipping logistics, booking space, loading goods, and issuing House Bill of Lading (HBL) to ensure safe and prompt delivery of products to your hands.


Shipping and Delivery

Joes Footwear offers a comprehensive shipping and delivery service ensuring that bulk wholesale shoe orders reach customers efficiently and securely. They cater to a range of locations and provide up-to-date tracking for peace of mind.


Domestic Shipping

Joes Footwear ensures that domestic shipments are handled with utmost efficiency. They employ reputable courier services that specialize in the safe and timely delivery of wholesale shoe orders. Rates are competitive, and delivery times vary based on the distance from the warehouse.


International Logistics

For international orders, Joes Footwear partners with leading logistics providers to manage the complexities of cross-border shipping. They are adept at navigating customs clearance and ensuring compliance with international shipping regulations to minimize delays. Shipping costs and times are contingent on the destination country.


high heels


Order Tracking

At Joes Footwear, we understand that the key to success in the footwear industry is a deep understanding of the shoe manufacturing process. From the initial design and development stages to the final inspection and packaging, every step is crucial in creating the perfect shoe. That's why we have a team of experts who pay close attention to every detail, ensuring that our shoes meet the highest standards of quality and exceed our client's expectations.


Our Team


Our commitment to quality begins with the selection of premium materials. We work closely with our suppliers to source the best leathers, fabrics, and components to ensure the durability and comfort of our shoes. Our skilled craftsmen then use state-of-the-art technology and traditional techniques to create shoes that are not only stylish but also built to last.

Aileen Wang

Shoe Designer

Innovative and accomplished shoe designer with 18 years of experience in the footwear industry. I have dedicated my career to creating exceptional shoe designs that blend style, functionality, and market appeal.

Amy Yan

Brand Manager

Experienced brand manager with a successful 10-year tenure in the shoes manufacturing and trading industry. I possess a strong passion for brand development that drive business growth and market expansion.

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